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Endurance Events

Endurance Competition Rules

In recent years we have held Endurance training events and participated in team competitions.



The entries for the team are paid by the club, but we would asked that if the team qualifies, you are able to make the Final.


The riding club teams / squads need to consist of three to six riders. Each squad can then enter a team of three or four combinations accompanied by one or two individual combinations (making up to six in total) into a qualifying ride of 30 to 35km (about 20 miles). The qualifying ride can be at any EnduranceGB ride that has a suitable class in its schedule. Potential riders do not need any special equipment, particular breed or type of horse to get started. For both the rider and their horse, normal riding tack is required. Riders do not have to be members of Endurance GB in order to compete, but they must be current members of their affiliated Riding Club.


A team who completes a qualifying ride successfully will have its team score entered into a League Table for the Region in which the Club is based. A squad can then, if it chooses, enter a second or subsequent qualifying ride. The team score achieved at the second or subsequent qualifier will replace the existing score in the League Table if it is higher than the existing score. The team scores are calculated from the speed achieved over the course and the horse’s pulse at the final veterinary inspection.


The top squad in each League Table for the ten Regions and the top ten squads on a national basis excluding the top ten from the League Tables will be offered a place in the Team Endurance Final at The British Horse Feeds Red Dragon Festival of Endurance in October. Some wild card places may also be offered at the discretion of the national organisers. Stabling, corralling, camping, lorry parking and refreshments will be available at the venue. Up-to-date Influenza Vaccination Certificates will be required for the final, as specified by British Riding Club rules.






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